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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ooh Candy

Evening stars, sorry it has been way too long since my last update.
It was my birthday recently so i thought it was time to change my hair again (When is it not for me haha)
Seeing as its getting warmer i thought of having blonde highlights. Blonde hair makes me feel summery and thats exactly what i went with.
Also probably fairly late on the band wagon but i nipped into Debenhams the other day and the woman sprayed me with Prada Candy. She said they were doing a deal where the small bottle was £36 and you got a free prada make up bag with it. I told her i was looking to smell Rihanna's new fragrance Re'belle but they didnt have it so i left.
I kid you not all around town i was sniffing my wrist where she had sprayed it and i ended up going back. if it is at all possibly to fall in love with a Perfume, then i have fallen hook line and sinker haha.  If you havent smelt in yet then you have to try it.

Also popped into H&M which i really love at the minute, i was never bothered with it before but it has some great pieces. i picked up some baggy jeans that gather at the ankle and they are so comfy! i have practically been living in them since i bought them. They were £14.99 i believe

TV and movie wise, i am fully head over heels in love with the BBC version of Sherlock. Oh goodness. Watch it if you havent already it is perfection.My life geneally revolves around rewatching the episodes and posting plenty of pictures on Tumblr, its my way of waiting for series 3 haha. 
I have seen a fair few movies lately aswell This means War, One for the money, The best exotic marigold hotel all brilliant