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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Outfit of the day. The Mad Hatter and the Genie of the lamp

I was sat at home, procrastinating like i always do when i thought why not do an outfit of the day. I can't say i'm vert stylish, infact i know i'm not but i make it work the best way i can :)

Plain dark blue jeans from Eclipse, Mad Hatter top from Disney Store
 Make up 
Boujois healthy mix foundation, Maybelline The one by one volum express mascara, Loreal super liner carbon gloss, Revlon super lustrous lipstick in paparazzi pink

Took a bit of a liking at the minute to doing my nails all different colours haha.

Popped in to town yesterday as i needed some bio oil, and i thought i would have a look in River Island. I love River Island but usually can't justify spending so much money in there but in the sale i found this beautiful Genie lamp necklace. It opens up and there is a little diamonte inside, its super cute. As soon as i saw it, i knew i had to have it, it reminded me of Aladdin and i love anything Disney and magical :)
What with it reminding me of Aladdin, i got on photoshop and tried to make it look like smoke was coming out of the lamp, but atlast i suck at photoshop HAHA.

In other news, I've finished reading 'Catching Fire' so i need to get hold of Mockingjay. There was a deal on in WHsmiths where you can buy that book and get another for a pound and stupidly i didnt buy it. I couldnt see another book i wanted though and im sure i will be able to get it cheaper on ebay. WHsmith also have a magazine full of Harry Potter, posters pictures, just HP. I nearly died. It was £8.99 though which i thought was steep for a magazine, maybe i will get it next week when im payed, i don't know, usually if its Harry Potter i cant hold off for long.
Anyway hope everyone is well

Friday, 1 July 2011

So after my disaster with trying to dye the front peices of my hair blonde and it going yellow, i decided to buy a need red and go all over my hair with it. The front is obviously still lighter due to the yellow but i actually like it.
I always like to look a little bit left of center anyway haha

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Shopping and treking and hair dye oh my

I'll start off with my shopping trip. And after nearly 2 weeks of having and getting over chicken pox, it was well overdue!
I'll start off with my primark haul

Maxi Skirt £12, Black Vest top £2, Sandals £6?
I very rarely find alot of jewelery in Primark that i like but the skull and cross earings and ring are right up my street :) I can't remember exact prices as ive taken the tags off but they were all around £2.
 Left to Right - Maybelline One by One Volum' express mascara, Jemma Kidd Lipgloss in shade 17 petal, Lock N hold Lipgloss in shade Break Dance, Benefit high beam and Collection 2000 Lasting perfection concealer. High beam was free with Glamour magazine and Jemma Kidd lipgloss free with Red magazine, everything else from boots.

Something really awesome i discovered while watching youtube videos was a site called It sells beautiful jewelery aswell as a few other things. The thing that caught my eye was a £10 mega mystery pack. And basically you pay £10 and recieve a random selection of jewelery from their website well over the value of £10. I loved the excitement of wondering what i had got and i think its a really wonderful idea. Heres what i got in my pack.

Lightning necklace (Which i am in love with, Harry Potter!) Bow Necklace, robot necklace, 2 badges (Star one and the other says 'Nobody puts baby in the corner), Daisy broche, Orange 'Smartie' earings, Swallow Earings (oh god i love Swallows) and Space invader earings. Super happy with them, its a great idea because you get well worth your money as the necklaces on their own are £10 each.
After the shopping, Me and Michelle went to meet a girl that we met on the ireland trip, shes been travelling all over the Uk since and she was heading this way so we arranged to meet up. We walked her to the hotel, after a long walk and messing around with googlemaps, dropped her stuff off and headed back into town for some food. Yummy.
On to the hair issue, i got the bright idea into my head that i would dye the front sections of my hair blonde, yes like rogue from X-Men. Absolute disaster! My roots went yellow, the rest went orange gradually going darker down my hair. I look like ive been set alight frankly. So i guess the only option is to buy a dark hair dye and go over it. Proper gutted as i would of loved blonde bits. I should really learn that it wont work, I've tried various blonde experiments over the years so i really should know better :P